Accommodation holiday on island Murter Croatia. Holiday Betina Tisno Jezera. Contact details for your representative are shown on your holiday itinerary.Appointed representative will meet you at the airport on your arrival and introduce you to your resort at welcome meeting soon after. A notice board on the foyer of your hotel will give details of the representative's visiting hours, information about the resort and its facilities, sights of special interest and your homewards journey. Accommodation in holiday on island Murter Croatia. All excursion should be booked through you representative , who can recommend those of particular interest and value, and must be paid for in cash or occasionally credit cards. We can accept no responsibilities for excursions which are not booked through you rep. Murter mostly christians of which 77% are roman catholic, 11% are orthodox christians and 1% are muslims. Other religious minorities include protestants, greek or uniate catholics and a small number of jews. Betina Tisno Jezera. Accommodation holiday on island Murter Croatia.

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